Moroccan Courtyards Riad Lotus

Beautiful Moroccan-Inspired Courtyards

Moroccan Courtyards Maison Palmeraie


Take a trip to Morocco and chances are you’ll find yourself basking in one of these interior courtyards. A way to bring a green space or even a pool area into the house, courtyards practically define Marrakech‘s traditional palaces called riads.


If you’re thinking of building one into your home, find inspiration in some of these lovely hotels and restaurants, rife with tiles, cacti, ethnic textiles and those undulating tadelakt plaster walls. If you’re wary of being too hippie-dippie, mash it up with modernist touches like an all-white color palette or geometric jade inserts, a la Yves Saint Laurent‘s legendary decorator, Bill Willis. He was just crazy about tadelakt.


Above // Riad Lotus
Left// Maison Palmeraie, photographed by Richard Powers for Interiors
Moroccan Courtyards El Fenn David Loftus
El Fenn boutique hotel, photographed by David Loftus
Moroccan Courtyards Numero
Numero 7 Restaurant
Moroccan Courtyards Riad Dar K
Riad Dar K
Moroccan Courtyards Bill Willis
Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca by Bill Willis, photographed by Nicolas Mathéus
Moroccan Courtyards Riad L Asiza New York Times
Riad L’Asiza, photographed by the New York Times
Moroccan Courtyards Riad Kaiss
Riad Kaiss
Moroccan Courtyards Riad Roumana
Riad Roumana
Moroccan Courtyards Riad Lotus
Riad Lotus via AphroChic
Moroccan Courtyards Riad Perle Vue Piscine
Riad Perle Vue Piscine
Moroccan Courtyards Riad Snan
Riad Snan 13
Moroccan Courtyards Royal Mansour
Royal Mansour Spa via Vogue Daily
Moroccan Courtyards Royal Mansour Vogue Daily
Royal Mansour Spa via Vogue Daily
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