Beach House: Myth

Listen to “Myth” Here

      1. Myth

“Driving in a van, arriving at a place, making a sound, going to sleep” is how the latest Beach House album, Bloom came to fruition as they relish in their career as musical vagabonds. Off Mistletone Records, co-produced by Beach House and Chris Coady (Blonde Redhead, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Santigold), the album delves into the dream-pop sanctuary of the Baltimore duo.

For Beach House, it’s another round of now four albums that thickens the layers of intelligent opuses under the guise of melodic castaways. For the moody-electro enthusiasts, the timing of Myth comes as a silky segue from Victoria’s recent collaboration on the Air release last month, Le Voyage Dans La Lune. Victoria Legrand, Alex Scally and their unrivaled drummer Daniel J. Franz reach deep into their sound pockets to get reacquainted with their objet d’art as they usher out their latest 10-track album, Bloom, for the refined listener to indulge.