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Barraca [West Village]

The most wholesome tapas in all of NYC can be found at Barraca. 81 Greenwich Avenue is the location of this corner gem and the perfect setting to enjoy good food with good friends. Chef Jesús Núñez cooks straight from the heart. His passion for traditional Spanish cooking and artistry are evident in every dish. A 1930’s traveling theater company inspires the cleverly designed interior. Thought up by Silvia Zofio of SZProjects and collaborating with Jack Dakin, this cozy interior melds perfectly with Núñez’s dishes transporting diners from New York to Madrid in one bite!


Have I not mentioned the paella yet? Barraca boasts paella so authentic, there are instructions for ordering it perfectly to your liking. Most importantly is the socarrat, (crunchy bits that stick to the bottom of the clay pot from cooking) it is optional, but an option that you will not regret. My favorite was the soupy style paella. As soon as it arrives to the table you are hit with an aromatic essence of the sea and a gorgeous lobster nestled on-top. The tapas menu is amazing but these are not to be missed: chicken and oyster mushroom croquettes, Piquillo peppers stuffed with oxtail stew, and the “Broken Eggs.” Barraca is a fun-loving dining experience, the type of place you bring all of your friends.



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Silvia Zofio of SZProjects