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BARLO, The Intensity of Things [ Hong Kong]

Barlo is a pseudonymous Italian painter based in Hong Kong. His compositions, often allegorical and melancholic, feature objects and beings holding a mystical sense of remoteness, like a mysterious distant memory.

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Barlo’s art is about obsession and surrealism.
Giorgio De Chirico’s work probably had a huge impact on my painting process”, he explains,“I can get very obsessed with something and then move on being equally obsessed by something else. My approach focuses a lot on the “intensity of things” rather than their appearance. I don’t like things that look the way they are – if I’m painting a tiger I don’t really give a sh*t about the tiger, it is very likely an excuse to talk about something else.”

Barlo_Amphora_Sheung WanHong Kong

Barlo’s figurative language expresses a dimension where Asian traditions intersect with Italian memories. Asian symbolism is indeed extremely fascinating and yet very present in his work.

“There is one thing I love about Hong Kong – as most Italians, people here are highly superstitious, so DO NEVER mess up with their Feng Shui!”.
Barlo comes from Barletta – a small coastal town in the South of Italy, Puglia.

Barlo_Nocturno Series_Hong Kong

Barlo_Nocturno Series_Hong Kong


Barlo_TKTNights _Hong Kong

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Barlo_Nature of Knowledge_University of EducationHong Kong

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