Baden Baden: You’ll See

 Listen to ” You’ll See” Here

      1. YOU'LL SEE

Google Baden Baden and you get the pastoral town in southern Germany. Dig deeper and you get the band page of a French electro-folk rock trio building an empire of milky way sounds weaned off their heartbeat for Sigur Rós and  Alain Souchon. Eric, Guillaume, Julien and Gab reached noteworthy-status from their start with a debut EP, 78 and Beirut-esque single Anyone. Their forthcoming debut album drops in May, featuring their adventurous single You’ll See. Guitars, horns, and a youthful clan of Parisian boys in the Spring, Baden Baden warms up a nice apéritif as they continue to rock out as their beat goes on. If you are Paris side in May, catch their work at Point Éphémères on the 18.