Ayahuasca : Kosmik Journey in Virtual Reality

Many have been fascinated by the psychedelic and spiritual effects of drinking a molasses-like tea known as Ayahuasca – Now, there’s a drug-free way to experience the life-changing journey – no flight to Peru required. Ayahuasca, Kosmik Journey: is now exclusively at VR World NYC. The location-based entertainment destination blends art, culture, music and technology to create immersive experiences that are both introspective and shared. Be sure to watch trailer below to have an idea of the experience:

AYAHUASCA is a 13 minute mind blowing immersive voyage through one of the most mysterious spiritual practices on the planet. The virtual reality experience, created by Jan Kounen and produced by AtlasV, A_Bahn and Small studios, made its world premiere at the 18th Annual Tribeca Film Festival, in the virtual arcade, last May in New York.

Ayahuasca is a unique chance for a wide audience to approach a cultural and spiritual mystery. The participant is immersed in the visions triggered by Ayahuasca.

Enhanced by interactive processes, the participant will evolve in a way similar to the actual ceremony. The Shaman will advise to maintain a position of neutrality to better welcome the visions. Motion sensors in the headset will allow the program to keep track of user’s movement and react accordingly.

Visions will either shut down or light up, depending on the user’s posture. Agitation steers one away from the visions, while calm and contemplation exalts the journey. The visions morph when staring at the details. The viewer will encounter darkness and wonder until the final climax and denouement.

Ayahuasca is distributed by Diversion Cinema and will be made available to NYC audiences right after Tribeca at VR World ( 4 E 34th St, New York, NY 10016) where it will be showcased during 8 weeks.
Phi Centre in Montreal will also showcase the experience during their next exhibition.