Awolnation : Guilty Filthy Soul

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      1. 07 Guilty Filthy Soul

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Listen to “Sail” here

      2. 10 Sail

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Santa Monica based, Awolnation, is the solo project of Aaron Bruno. The concept behind his music not only comes out in the genre-mashing nature of his sound, a hi-fi pulse of electronic-rock/hip hop, but also encompasses his brand(of AWOL), which he explains as escaping “a situation you can’t handle. A way for all of us to get our aggression out,  cry a little bit, or even laugh.” Definitely something we can all use a little of at times.

“Sail” is the single off his 2011 release, Megalithic Symphony (Red Bull Records). The track stirred up some serious buzz around Awolnation debuting at #30 on the US Billboard and undoubtedly provided an influx of fans and credibility to back the innovative talent of Bruno. A well-deserved feat indeed.