Awesome New Republic: It’s Around You

Listen to “It’s Around You” here

      1. It's Around You


Simplicity has its advantages. Less can be more, but simplicity and some light beat boxing is a whole other fantastic ball game. Exhibit A: “It’s Around You.” Singer, drummer, and front man, John Hancock multi-tasks along side keyboardist, Brian Robertson, who both met as fellow noise makers at Miami University’s music school. There, the now Miami locals formed Awesome New Republic (ANR).

ANR is now supporting acts like Yeasayer and Neon Indian with their motley sounds of lazy synth, piano pop, and a sense of shimmering psych-punk that shows up from time to time. “It’s Around You,” off their most recent EP, Stay Kids, takes the form of the cool, lazy synth vibe, while their more popular track, “Birthday” takes after the Scissor Sisters’ pop-ready kicks.

Nevertheless, the duo proudly self-describes as “post-apocalyptic Disney,” a lovin’ shout to their more radio-friendly tracks like “The Endless Field of Mercury” and Animal Collective meets Beach Boys-esque, “Stay Kids.” So, let’s just file them under ‘happily confused, indie pop.’

Listen to “Stay Kids” here

      2. ANR_Stay Kids

Say what you will about the somewhat schizophrenic nature of ANR’s debut album, Rational Geographic (Vol. 1 & 2)  and 2011 follow-up Stay Kids; They, and both their ambitious albums, certainly are illin’, and that’s a healthy diagnosis.