Au Revoir Simone: Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix)

Night Light is Brooklyn-based lady trio Au Revoir Simone remixed. It is the fraternal twin to their beloved original album, Still Night, Still Light,  retold and mastered  by Neon Indian, Jens Lekman, Dam Mantle, Montag, Aeroplane, among others. Clock Opera’s take on the dreamy pop band’s song, “Tell Me,” opens an unexplored door to their melody-packed tune. The track is another perfect example of how a remix can completely redefine the experience a song provides. From an almost celestial, rainy day song to an upbeat, road trip-appropriate song, the original version is rediscovered by a rhythmic perspective and an entirely, newly-found melody. Check out the re-edit and pay close attention for fragments of the original left behind, you’ll need to.

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      1. 12 Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix)

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