jeremy august haik

ArtMgt: A New Way to Buy, Lease, and Share Art

Founded by David Andrew Frey, who created the artist registry Culturehall, ArtMgt is changing the way art is bought, sold and shared. By providing artists with a steady source of income through the enjoyments of their work, art no longer becomes about money, but it becomes about quality, passion, and taste.


Like a gallery, ArtMgt carefully curates the artists and artworks that are presented. Most artists have exhibited widely, with some having shown in museums such as MoMA PS1, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Contemporary Photography and The Andy Warhol Museum. Artworks are organized by size, media, color, and price making for a seamless search process. Viewers can organize their online collections to create a visual gallery while at the same time being able to lease or buy their chosen art piece.


In addition, artists open to creating custom artworks have selected the option ‘Commission’ to appear with pieces that can serve as inspiration for a new project. Most artists represented by ArtMgt are open to accepting commissions.


Jeremy August Haik (image above)
Ex-cursion (v.2)


parsley steinweiss
Parsley Steinweiss (image on left)

phoebe streblow
Phoebe Streblow
Trine of Air


sarah palmer
Sarah Palmer
Whiteness III (Rails gone for guns)

art mgt
Erin O’Keefe
The Flatness #2
zachary dean norman
Zachary Dean Norman
Exotic Matter 1


art mgt
Layet Johnson


art mgt
Erin O’Keefe


art mgt
Brian Michael Dunn
Open Sez Me
parsley steinweiss untitled
Parsley Steinweiss


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