Aquanuts by Danielle Levitt for Oyster Mag

Written by Guest Blogger Anna Sutton [NYC] Danielle Levitt’s photo essay ‘Aquanuts’ for Oyster Magazine’s 100th issue inspired in me the same jubilance I felt while witnessing the Russian synchronized swimming team win gold at the London Olympics with their O.T.T Italian-horror inspired routine.

Levitt traces the aspirations of a group of American teenage girls who are chasing the dream, one Swarovski-spangled dolphin arch at a time.

This editorial is a triumphant display of synch-swim style in its finest hour. Styled by Danielle Nachmani, vintage glamour and campy excess create an aesthetic which delights in the interplay between high and low end styles. A metallic neon green spiderweb one-piece dives into the deep end of fabulous while a sleek high-neck scuba maillot overflows with fields of ecstatic colour. The gleaming primary-coloured argyle print is a fittingly theatrical ode to that most amorous and agile of characters – Harlequin in the Italian Commedia dell’arte. The sunlit, flashy effect is offset by a softened version of the clownish, waterproof makeup now synonymous with the sport. Think crimson lips, sky-blue eyeshadow and hair scraped back into Robert Palmer-esque buns. You can watch Levitt’s accompanying short film here:

‘The Aquanuts’ Directed by Danielle Levitt from Oyster Magazine on Vimeo.

Oyster Mag

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