Gray Malin Beach Ball Iceberg Horizon

Antarctica: The White Continent

Celebrated photographer Gray Malin headed to the continent of Antarctica , continuing his world exploration, to capture spellbinding images with great mastery; resulting in a capricious and thought provoking combination.


The effects of global warming continue to be deeply covered by researchers, media outlets and photographers at large. Malin’s contribution is quite unique though, continuing his streak of smart interventions and visual compositions, the photographer inserts completely alien elements to the natural landscape with a tongue-in-cheek tone. This is a charismatic and unusual approach for a theme normally explored with heavy-handed tones.


Colorful beach balls, parasols, giant floating swans, among other plastic rudiments; elements suggesting warm and inviting summers are perfect examples of the shifting climates; this is one of Malin’s accomplishments: art that isn’t afraid to engage with a palpable advertising-ish language and still maintain its full integrity and relevance.


Written by Mateus Andrade


Gray Malin Green Umbrella Vertical

Gray Malin Beach Ball Bay

Gray Malin Two Flamingos

Gray Malin Swan Ice Bridge

Gray Malin Stanchion on Iceberg

Gray Malin Blue Tube

Gray Malin Snorkel Gray Malins conflicted copy

Gray Malin Rainbow Umbrella serene Bay

Gray Malin Neon Beach Ball Icebergs

Gray Malin Green Tube Icy Bay

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