anna barlows visual edibility

Anna Barlow’s “Visual Edibility”

anna barlows visual edibility

Anna Barlow‘s charming “edible” creations are made out of varying combinations of high-glaze porcelain and clay. A visual treat in every way, her work explores the nature of our very natural human desire for indulgent delights and how these delights are both understood and consumed. As she says, “The beauty of food left to melt and ooze holds a fascination for me. It is something that is usually over looked and temporary but this can be captured and frozen in time with clay and glaze.” From ice cream in a cone, to ice cream used as a figurative medium to create a pair of porcelain pastel Louis Vuitton pumps, Barlow’s work is sweet, stylish and visually satisfying!

anna barlows visual edibility

Anna Barlow_AVanillaCherryCupCone

Anna Barlow_BlackCurrantMango

Anna Barlow_ChocolateDropPeachCup

Anna Barlow_CushionFood

Anna Barlow_IWantEverything

Anna Barlow_IllGiveYouEverything

Anna Barlow_MintChocolateManolos

Anna Barlow_StrawberryVuittons


More information available here: Anna Barlow Ceramics

Photos courtesy of: Bicha Gallery