Surrealist Still-Life 3D Sculptures

Dusk, a young multidisciplinary design studio based in London recently introduced their latest 3D series entitled ‘Chalcedony’ – a series of animated and still-life structures focused on studies into materials, lighting and composition.

The project started out as an exploration into rock and mineral materials, trying out the new features of CGI software Cinema 4D. They created organic looking shapes, inspired by abstract sculptures and artists such as Barbara Hepworth and Alberto Bañuelos Fournier.

By using three main elements, rock, metals and (previously) living organic like wood, mushrooms and leaves, the artist offers here unique still-life, aimed to create a series of contemporary compositions that had a level of realism but also included surrealistic qualities. This was achieved by the methods used to reveal the sculptures in each animation, and the subtle abuse of gravity throughout the series.