Ancient Symbolism | Modern Consciousness

The Ethical Luxury Jewelry Design of Loren Nicole

What is the meaning of an adornment, a jewel, an amulet? In ancient times they were used to protect, heal, and connect to the divine. Nowadays, perhaps, losing its meaning to something more trivial – the symbolism of gemstones, gold, minerals and imagery forgotten in its essence.

And the reimagining and repurposing of ancient symbolism into modern jewelry is what sets apart the work of artist Loren Nicole. Beginning her career as an archaeologist, having received Bachelor of Arts degrees in Art History and Anthropology from the University of Vermont, she worked as an archaeological lab technician and later an objects conservator in the Anthropology department of the American Museum of Natural History, on numerous digs in Central and South America, pursued grant funded field research on the ancient civilizations of northern Peru and served as a conservator of ancient and ethnographic textiles for the Americas, Oceania and Africa Collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The way in which we make jewelry at LOREN NICOLE is inherently sustainable, but we have taken extra efforts to ensure that we are doing our part for the planet – meaning all of our gold is recycled and/or sourced conflict free.

With her background in archeology and her Greek family heritage she set out to transform the way we relate and experience fine jewelry to reconnect with a more positive meaning of the objects of adornment we use. Rediscovering ancient goldsmiths techniques and elevating those into modern, ethical and sustainable objects of beauty.

Using ethically sourced 22k gold and gemstones, her work is inspired by ancient techniques and handmade craftsmanship, drawing from nomadic kingdoms from Korea to iconic myths of Egypt and Greek history.