Alphabet by Bela Borsodi

bela borsodi-alphabet-1

Well if you have not yet guessed, we are super fans of Bela Borsodi. This is the third consecutive month we have featured something of his esteemed collection. I am absolutely fascinated by this Trompe L’oeil series, titled “Alphabets”, playing on the negative space of brilliantly curated product shots. Despite the difference in scale and subjects this project makes me reminisce about one of my favorite works I ever featured, that of Varini’s Trompe L’oeil.

bela borsodi-alphabet-2bela borsodi-alphabet-3

bela borsodi-alphabet-4bela borsodi-alphabet-5

bela borsodi-alphabet-6bela borsodi-alphabet-7

bela borsodi-alphabet-8bela borsodi-alphabet-9