Alex Clare: Caroline

Listen to “Caroline” here

      1. Alex Clare_Caroline


English-born, Alex Clare is the blues-infused producee of Switch and Diplo. He is also the ambitious lover proclaiming efforts to remedy a woman’s unrequited love, in “Caroline,” which is beautifully accompanied by melting minor keys. His fiery vocals would reminisce a lower version of Adam Levine’s falsetto, if they didn’t hold a much grittier, and uniquely soulful quality. This track off his 2011 release, The Lateness of the Hour, is just one of his powerfully sensational songs capturing his blazingly passionate piano and unrestricted lyrics.

Don’t pass his Etta James’ cover of “Damn Your Eyes.” It will take your breath away.

Listen to “Damn Your Eyes” here

      2. Alex Clare_Damn Your Eyes