Wood Axe_APollner

Aleksandra Pollner’s Concept Products

Aleksandra Pollner, a Polish born multimedia artist currently working out of Seattle, creates concept products out of basic clay, porcelain, granite, and wood.  We are charmed with each piece she is currently featuring on her website, from a basic fortune cookie (complete with psychic fortunes for good luck), to a rock formed bowl, and a few axes, thrown in the mix.

“Each piece holds its own story / concept and for me they are archetypal images of an ever evolving story/ stories,” says Pollner. “The overarching theme in the work grounds itself in the material and the tension created between the object and its material. A tension that naturally induces a conversation stemming from what the object is asking of the material and vice versa. I feel like those objects are always talking and asking something of the material and to some degree of us.”

photography Charlie Schuck