AJ Fosik’s 3D Wood Pieces

AJ Fosik‘s work would actually be a bit scary if they weren’t so brightly, beautifully colorful. The Michigan native is known for crafting 3D wood-based pieces—using both his hands and digital techniques—that call to mind American folk and tribal art, mostly thanks to his use of animals as a main subject and liberal additions of sharp claws, eyes, and teeth.

Now, though, after having lived all over the U.S., including Brooklyn, Denver, Philadelphia, and finally landing in Portland, Oregon, AJ’s work has become an intricate mash-up of various influences.

His creatures morphing into multiple features, seeming to come straight out of the walls from which they’re mounted.

“I do endorse the idea of traveling and moving as much as possible, being attached to nowhere and everywhere simultaneously,” he shares in an interview with fecalface.com. “On the other hand I think having a more permanent workspace has really improved my work. It’s a definite trade off.”

More information at www.ajfosik.com