Andaz Mayakoba

A Wonderful Stay at Andaz Mayakoba in Playa Del Carmen

Thanks to the Hyatt group, we were lucky enough to stay at beautiful Andaz Mayakoba resort. Located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, Andaz Mayakoba offers an idyllic retreat for a very special and quite stay, not too close from the Playa del Carmen madness 🙂

andaz mayakoba room view

Their guest rooms and suites are inspired by nature with open layouts and a local color palette reflective of stone, sand and water; they are flooded with natural light and feature bright pops of color and refined Mayan decor.

andaz mayakoba room view

Mexican graffiti artist Senkoe

Renowned Mexican graffiti artist Senkoe is Andaz Mayakoba’s muralist and one of their Cultural Insiders, hailing from Playa Del Carmen.

senkoe portrait andaz mayakoba trendland scaled


Senkoe designed a series of murals spread throughout the property including the birds of Mayakoba, which can be found on all of the accommodations’ buildings, as well as iconic octopus mural by the beachside pool. Senkoe’s work draws from two sources: pre-Hispanic art and the world of dreams.

Senkoe takes inspiration from Mexico’s bright colors, the sea, nature and comics to bring animals to life, and his works can be found throughout Playa del Carmen in addition on property. Senkoe and his colorful painting style are renowned in the Mexican street art industry and his work stimulates the imagination of the passerby with a kind of animal reverie.

andaz mayakoba senkoe_octopus mural
The Octopus on the beachfront pool was our favorite. Its tentacles spreads over the side of the building.

Throughout his successful career, Senkoe has partnered with major brands including Converse, Illegal Squad and HBO, participated in urban art festivals and has taught graffiti to marginalized populations. Currently, he is dedicated to urban paintings as part of interdisciplinary projects to reinvigorate public spaces.

Andaz_Mayakoba_birds senkoe
The colors and patterns of Senkoe’s murals were inspired by his visions during Ayahuasca journeys.

The Birds of Mayakoba

andaz mayakoba drone trendland

The resort features two refreshing outdoor pools, with one of them steps away from their private beach.

Andaz Mayakoba Beach Pool Area beach
Andaz Mayakoba Lagoon Main Pool Area


Inspired by a shipwreck that washed up on the Mayakoba shore, Sotavento is a unique environment that entices guests to live freely “under the wind.” Relax in the casual ambiance while tasting an array of Mediterranean delicacies such as fresh seafood, daily chef specials, light salads and a variety of desserts – all to be enjoyed with your feet in the sand. Take in the spectacular views of the Caribbean sea at this sun-soaked daytime venue that turns into an exciting evening experience. Create magical memories and moments, complete with live music and a fresh ocean breeze.


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