A Dress To Fit Every Mood

Philips Dress Philips Dress

Philips is going through a complete makeover. I used to think Philips was just another t.v. company, but you must visit their Design Probes Project, the aim of understanding lifestyle post 2020. One of their cool projects ( in addition to projects concerning tattoos and jewelry) is called Skin: Dresses “which examines the future integration of sensitive materials in the area of emotional sensing – the shift from ‘ intelligent’ to ‘sensitive’ products and technologies.” These Bubelle dresses are composed of two layers, the inner layer has biometric sensors that pick up a person’s emotions and projects them in colors onto the second layer, the outer textile. The dress also changes color according to our emotional state. Like a mood ring, but a mood dress.

The shift from intelligent to sensitive…really interesting concepts they are playing with at Philips. Yes, the way we dress is first and foremost dictated by our mood and Philips is taking our emotive dressing to a future level. Susie Bubble ( whom I adore for her camera-in-her-face-as-she-styles-outfits-btw Happy Birthday Susie!!!) asks “Do I want everybody in the world watching me feel either elation, embarrassment, anger or attraction as I swan around in this Bubelle dress on the streets…”

I agree with her, I definitely don’t need the world to know how moody I really am, BUT conceptually I love what Philips is doing to blend fashion and technology, an area that we are seeing merge more and more.