xavier corbero home

5 Creative Industry Pioneers at Home

A few years ago Nowness started a documentary video series called “In Residence” that profiles the homes of celebrated architects, artists and designers. We have made a small selection of some of our favorite homes from all around the world.

Architect // Ricardo Bofill

When Bofill found this factory it was polluting the surrounding area and he decided to buy the land and create a space where he can occupy, work and create a team of sociologists, philosophers, painters, mathematicians and writers. This restructured space can be visualized as a labyrinth where no one has to interact with each other. People may live, as they want. The house is organized by mental and psychological activities rather than the functions of a typical household.

Designer // Carlotta de Bevilacqua

The colorful Milanese apartment of Carlotta de Bevilacqua is filled with objet d’art and offers a cabinet of collectible curiosities. Every object, color and light in the apartment reflects a part of Carlotta’s eclectic style and character.

Sculptor // Xavier Corbero

Xavier Corbero is of the most significant artists after Gaudi in Spain. For Corbero a house is like an agenda, each object and furniture has its own personal story behind it. Knowing that Corbero was old friends with Salvador Dali, it is easy to trace the surrealism in Casa Sublim.

Architect // Jim Olson

This 14-foot by 14-foot treetop house in Longbranch, Washington was constructed in the middle of nature where it is located on a hill, facing south, looking across a body of water. As Olson got inspired from Korean and Asian architecture in general. It is designed to encourage its inhabitants to look out and be conscious the fact that we belong as human beings to natural world.

Architect // Annabel Karim Kassar

French-born architect Kassar due to her life around the world has her inspiration based on multiculturalism. From Topkapi Palace to Bauhaus, one can view her minimalist essence through the spatial design she created. On the other hand, colors, textures and patters on the floor and wallpaper reflects her oriental roots and aesthetic style.