Martin Molin Makes Music With Marbles

Martin Molin’s Wintergatan Marble Machine is music to our ears. The Swedish musician and his team set aside two months, which then turned into a little more than a year, to devote to his creative idea: making music with marbles. The design of the instrument and the time spent on its creation are evidently laborious. Hand crafted from plywood, wire and Legos Technic pieces, the instrument incorporates 2,000 marbles that slide down a circuit to eventually land on various keys of a vibraphone. The design also features a one-man-band component, allowing Molin to switch gears from a kick drum, a cymbal, and an electric bass. Molin wanted to use the instrument as a means of conversing with digital and programmable music, all the while giving his creation the ability to sound just the way he wanted. For his next project, Molin wants to focus on an instrument that is more easily transported so it can be performed live. But for now, you can check out a video of him playing the Wintergatan Marble Machine.