3D Scribbled Line Portrait

Reminding me a little bit of the work of Alberto Seveso, this collection of photography portraying human figures with scribbled lines was a school project of Ayaka Ito and Randall Church. Cinema-flash showdown is a collection of photographs, distorted and reconstructed in 3D using a Flash drawing tool. Now see what happens when scribbled lines give life to these portraits and push the limits of creativity and technology.

“In the second round of the “Cinema Flash Showdown” project Ayaka Ito and I wanted to pursue two new themes: The Influence of Occupations, and Man vs. Nature. By shooting each environment with and without the model, I would mask the model from the background. Then using my Flash drawing app I’d create 3D splines which were then imported into Cinema 4D. We used HDRI sphere lighting shot on location, as well as skin and cloth materials used in texturing.”

The final 3D render contained an alpha channel to mask the model back into their background. It also gave us a color-perfect 3D line render which could be overlayed to give sense of depth and texture.

More information at www.randallchurch.com | https://cias.rit.edu & www.ayakaito.com – Thanks to Modernmet for the tip!