Zara Man vs Balmain Homme: Zara Guilty!

We knew that brands like H&M / Zara / TopShop were amazing at knocking off  designers and analyzing trends (due to their worldwide offices and bunch of employees, running the streets, reading blogs and shopping). With enormous budgets, these companies are able to create “Fast Fashion” at unbeatable prices, compared to young designers or established fashion houses. When it comes to copying they usually hide it, or at least they try. Apparently this time Zara forgot!

I was a bit outraged when I stumbled over the good menswear blog 00 o 00 who noticed the ‘heavily inspired’ lookbook! I wouldn’t be that nice and say it’s inspired, I’d say at this point it’s a total knock off ! You be the judge:

Left: Zara man fw 10 / VS / Right: Balmain homme fw 10

I still cannot believe it, even the models hair style and poses are very similar ! I’m all for Balmain! What do you think of this !?