Zana Bayne Leather

You’d kind of expect the designer of Lady Gaga’s custom-made leather harnesses to come from a fashion-forward course like “New Genres”. Zana Bayne not only graduated with a BFA in this subject from San Francisco Art Institute, her eponymous leather line was also already a favorite of other well-known figures, like Katy Perry, Ciara, Kelis, and Milla Jovovich, before Lady Gaga joined her clientele.

Since being contacted by the studio of Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga’s Creative Director/Stylist, last February, Zana has crafted at least three pieces for the singer and her dancers—the most renowned of which was for the recent Yoü and I video.

Of course, Zana’s pieces are not only for the most daring of dressers. Her look book actually shows the pieces worn with very minimal outfits, and coming in basic colors of black, white, and the occasional red. All are 100% handcrafted out of Zana’s studio in Brooklyn.

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