Yosef Peretz Tokyo Collection

Yosef Peretz’ “Tokyo” Collection

The future starts in Tokyo. Or at least that’s what happens in Yosef Peretz‘ vision for which, he collaborated with the costume designer Miki Avni. The Israeli designer, who celebrates a full decade in fashion this year, took this alpha city as a reference point to project his surreal visualizations on his collection. Meticulously detailed prints are keeping the eye busy by creating tricky illusions of faces. Just like Giuseppe Arcimboldo did, but minus the vegetables. I had the pleasure to meet Yosef Peretz on a fashion tour in Tel Aviv where Trendland was invited by the Kinetis organization, to see his work in person and become part of a graphic and adventurous world made out of chiffon and satin. Getting lost in translation, anyone?

For more information www.yosefperetz.com