Yacht : Utopia

Listen to “Utopia” here

      1. 01 Utopia


YACHT has created the ideal world in the form of song with “Utopia.” A place where they promise, “you don’t have to commit. You don’t have to submit.” The single followed “Dystopia” another, more down to earth, track off their much-anticipated album, Shangri La (out June 21st). This one is a disco-esque buddy for the 80’s electro-lovers who want worldy, deep-meaning lyrics and down-right palpable dance beats. The Portland duo, led by blondie Jona Bechtolt (a wild & crazy sight to see on stage), have got their fun hats on and are fully embracing freedom and a carefree way of life. I’m all for it. Enjoy, and bring your dancing shoes, or don’t. Whatever you want. You’ve entered Utopia.