WXY Shoes

WXY shoe brand, based in Taiwan was an accident. Well, we know there really are no accidents, but the designer Joi Weng (XIN-YU WENG) implies this because she originally was a fine arts student and artist.  Her life took an unexpected turn when she started working for a shoe company and after 2 ½ years she decided it was time to introduce her vision of “usable comfort combined with radical neutral art”

Thus, WXY was born with a basic concept idea, influenced by “Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben” (Reverence for life) by Albert Schweitzer, which she uses as a motto,  for giving thanks to the creator for all the natural beauty and gifts given to us on this planet. Color is a way WXY expresses these sentiments, yellow, a power and hope color, pink is sweet and comforting, and the grays and browns ground us to the earth.

Because natural resources are limited, the idea of using what we have with care and responsibility became forefront in her business model. Although this brand is not marketed as “green “, in using reclaimed leather the state of the environment is carefully considered, equally as important is the design and the quality of he products. They want to stress, they are not environmentalists, they just hope they can use our limited and precious resources wisely, respecting the earth while doing so, and creating a beautiful non contrived product while doing so. Also, the idea for this collection was to get back to simple basic’s, unlike the fussy drama coming out in so many other shoe collections, this one is so fresh because if it’s subtle quietness. A really lovely collection, and i’m looking forward to what’s in the future!!

More information at http://wxyshoes.tumblr.com/

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