Works by: Pablo Reinoso

In this exhibition, nature overcomes inanimate objects, resurrecting life and philosophical thought into everyday items. Pablo Reinoso’s multicultural background means he is interested in discovering links between different cultures. His Argentine heritage of craftsmanship is intrinsic in his work. Reinoso’s design work has the unusual ability of serving everyday human necessity as well as igniting emotion. Reinoso’s work is acutely linked to the human condition, “All his works radiate strong human feelings, like traces of people that have been made visible” Juliette Faliu, Malakoff, June 2003

Exhibition Highlights:

The Spaghetti Bench takes it’s inspiration from the universal park bench “everyone has sat on a bench like this, some have been kissed on one, others have waited for their kid on one, they are common to everybody”.

Reinoso plugs into the consciousness, by twisting the familiar and conjuring up a playful, fantastical alter reality, empowering the wooden slats to resurrect back into swirling, growing live tendrils.

Spaghetti Bâle

The Spaghetti Bench has an inescapable surrealist influence, with a poetic, elegant repose.

The benches are not only conceptual works but also feats of handcrafted dexterity. Each wooden slat is hand-carved to create the sinuous curve, the human intervention of the manufacture once again triumphs over the straight lines of the traditional park bench.

Stay tuned for more talent from artist, designer, and art director Pablo Reinoso, or just get inspired by visiting his site.