SPINN Designed a Wooden Shelter at the Top of the World!

The Norwegian of SPINN Architects has developed a dynamic wooden cabin concept with the most stunning view of the Hammerfest – “The northernmost city in the world”. The idea behind the shelter concept “Varden” was to create a unique refuge for the Hammerfest hikers which was inspired by nomadic life and beautiful surrounding nature.

The cabins will fit into the terrain like a large stone with a rounded and weather-beaten external shape. Their interiors is heated and you can warm yourself by the fireplace and enjoy the view protected from the weather.

The rounded shape naturally stays clear of snow, reduces wind pressure, and is a material-efficient way to build. The shapes are adapted to the terrain based on a 3D laser scanning of the area, and it is made for doors and windows based on wind direction, views and availability.

The massive wood structure is visible on the inside of the cabin, while the outside is covered by roofing paper and an external screen of wood treated with flames based on the Japanese sho-shugi method.