Woman on Top

I just saw possibly one of the sexiest films ever made. There is something about movies that are based around the kitchen like “Chocolate” and the one I speak of now ” Woman on Top”, that are so sensual and irresistible.

Love, sex, and food combine in this sensuous romantic comedy. Isabella (Penelope Cruz) is a master chef who suffers from severe motion sickness, requiring her to be in control of her movements at all times. This need extends to the bedroom, but her husband Tonino (Murilo Benicio), who owns the restaurant where she works, doesn’t like to make love in the fashion suggested by the title. This is hardly the only thing about their relationship that she finds stifling, and when Isabella discovers Tonino in bed with another woman, she leaves for America, where with the help of cross-dressing friend “Monica” (Harold Perrineau Jr.), she becomes a star as the host of a TV cooking show, Passion Foods Live. Woman on Top was the first American film from Venezuelan director Fina Torres.

This film encompasses all of Brazil’s cliche’s in a way that leaves you with a permasmile throughout the entire film. Penelope Cruz is absolutely stunning and the passion between Isabella, her character, and Tonhino is so strong that it send your Pheromones flying in all directions.