Wolf Gang : Back To Back

Wolf Gang is a new artist out of London and when I heard the first 1:05 of  his track Back To Back, only one band came to mind. The bassline, drum beat and synth sounds like classic The Cure and although Wolf Gang doesn’t sound like Robert Smith, he sure does project like him. After about a minute the track takes an interesting turn as a guitar starts to strum and the song becomes a little more up-lifting for about twenty seconds, almost a teaser and then… back to dark territory. Back To Back is a perfect pop gem with simple musical parts, repetitive hooks and a killer pre-chorus that will have the song stuck in your head for days after only a couple listens. Repeat with me now, “I want to be with you/It kills me to say/That I want to be with you/That is just the way, it’s just the way now.”

Listen to “Back To Back” here

      1. Back To Back

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