Wildcat Wildcat

Wildcat! Wildcat!: Mr Quiche

Wildcat Wildcat

      1. Mr Quiche

Wildcat! Wildcat! is Jesse Taylor, Michael Wilson, and Jesse Carmichael: four Los Angeles-bred friends since the age of fourteen. It’s a bond thick enough to hear.


Their single, “Mr Quiche” holds beats as hip hop as they are sexy trailing along quavering synths and grime-filled bass-lines appropriate for a sunny summer soundtrack. Miike Snow fans will find the falsetto vocal similarities and twinkling electro-vibes to be most comforting. Although, their grooving melodies don’t quite take on Snow’s strong, militant tones– to the delight of those more inclined to the soft touch of Grizzly Bear.


The trio has remained relatively under the radar until their recent on-stage collaboration with friend, Natasha Bedingfield, with not even a publicist to their name. But good music gets around. Stay tuned for more from the underground, because you won’t find these cats in the light of day on Pitchfork or iTunes just yet.