Wild At Heart: Darling

      1. Darling


At the altitude of beat brilliance and lo-fi pop-tronica, Stockholm-based Wild At Heart (WAH) launches an unfulfilled love story in their latest single, “Darling.” The track, produced by The Sound of Arrows, carries underlying tones of MGMT, noting their cover of “Electric Feel” in 2008 (Ministry of Sound), which brought about widespread attention followed by their 2010 hit Get Related (Kitsúne). The duo, Li Stanley and Erik Lindestad push on into an electronic sphere while clutching their roots of cradling melodies and experimental sounds from their earlier ska band days under the guise of Cleast Eatwood. Keys ripple, base weighs, and synths dangle as “Darling” results in a nearly granular production of digital pop harmony. The beat-driven track transports a textured ambiance as a valid guide to what listeners can expect with the band’s unannounced EP release (fingers crossed for this summer) off Baseline. Until then, hitch a ride to the cosmos with “I’m Wild At Heart” on soundcloud as they prepare for the big release.