When Cooking gets easier with Technology: The Gorenje HomeCHEF Oven

In a very near future technology will help us more and more fulfill tasks we never thought would be possible not that long ago, like the Samsung or LG internet connected fridge that automatically order milk or butter when you are running low or the LG Washer and dryer controlled by your smartphone to launch laundry from anywhere, the beautiful touch controlled Nest Thermostat or many other gadgets that can control your home.


Here we’re reviewing this sumptuous Gorenje HomeCHEF Oven: a revolutionary oven combining the knowledge of master chefs with user-friendly technology, this computerized oven offers preset changes of temperature, heater type, and cooking time for your selected dish. Because some recipes require multi-step cooking of the food at different temperatures and preparation of such sometimes could be quite tricky.

Dubbed the Oven Full of Knowledge, HomeCHEF offers 5 operating modes in its TFT color interactive display that easily responds to touch and comes with 30 language variants.

The oven has a built-in high-performance micro controller and a smartly devised operating system. The fully integrated display is protected with glass, which also makes it easier to clean.

While its large color TFT display simplifies the selection of settings by simply sliding a finger across the display, the greatest benefit of the oven is a patented multi-step baking – STEPbake, which enables preset changes of temperature, heater type and cooking time for your selected dish.

Background technology is in fact a high-performance micro-controller that acts as a standalone computer. Combined with the hardware and a smartly devised operating system, a result of in-house expert knowledge and development, provides more responsive, faster, and user-friendly control.

More information at Tech specs at www.gorenje-homechef.com