Welcome to Petite Friture’s Villa

‘Villa P. F.’ is a fantasy world elaborated by Petite friture, French ‘editor of designs’. A stage decor where flat tints of acidulated colors mingle with different scales products. Splendid illustrations signed by Ana Montiel, she takes inspiration partly from Bauhaus movement, which greatly matching with the theme.

Furnitures, patterns and objects come from talented designers like Morten & Jonas, Pool, Tiphaine de Bodman, Constance Guisset amongst many others. Using a reduced color gamut, all the contributors were able to bring their touch of modernism for this dazzling environment.

This house does not exist. And yet we know how familiar it is to you, and that you feel comfortable there. At PETITE FRITURE, éditeur de design, we founded it with that intention. Like an invitation to live, to laugh, to revel in it. And to be surprised.

” This house is imaginary, in its way. Moulded from a magical alchemy of inspiration and creation.

That of modernist architecture, so lavish in its precision. That of designers – Constance Guisset, Morten & Jonas, studio vit and Pool – guest artists in residence to adorn it with their mirrors, lamps and furniture.That of graphic designers – Tiphaine de Bodman and Shelley Steer – who have decorated it with patterns that redesign the perspectives.

Art direction by Petite Friture
Photography by Florent Tanet
Set design by Ella Perdereau


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