We Were Lovers : Partners In Crime

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you We Were Lovers.A boy/girl groove-fueled dance pop duo from Saskatoon Canada, a most unlikely place for a couple super stylish, ahead-of-the-curve kids to sprout from.  Their music and live show brings back memories of controller or early metric, and they’ve already played every single crevice of this continent in 2010. This track in particular seems to conjure up a nostalgic feeling of something long lost, could be the guitar riff, the moog esque lead synth, or the manner in which her vocals subtly sit on the instruments perhaps? Can’t really figure it out but then again that’s the beauty of it, songs are supposed to be experiences and this is definitely is a joyous ride, so hop on and enjoy.

Listen to “Partners In Crime” Here

[mp3j track=”Partners-In-Crime.mp3″]