We are Handsome Swimwear

Oh Ladies, one more time you are lucky to have some cool brand for you at a very affordable price ! I know it’s winter and cold here(NY, London, Paris..) But not in Brazil and Australia !

Australian collab’ brand We are Handsome made some limited edition body swimwear with this cool-retro touch, that will make you look good around the pool, at the beach or at some fancy summery parties…” They know it’s ambitious, but they aim to fuse art, swimwear and fashion.” ps: great choice on the model!

When two creative businesses such as Oscar & Elvis Swimwear and People Like Us collaborate, the end result can be nothing less than spectacular.

We Are Handsome is a collaboration between Indhra Chagoury and Jeremy Somers, motivated by a need to to make something different, something fun and something that makes us go wow!

They had some big ideas and after deciding on a concept and range we went about producing the swimsuits which, believe us, tested our knowledge, skills and occasionally our friendship. Through persistence, hard work and a deep desire to do something great, we created a limited edition range that we both are incredibly proud of and extremely excited to bring to you.

Photography by Sebastian Kriete

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