wax tailor

Wax Tailor: Fireflies (feat. Charlotte Savary + Mattic)

Wax Tailor is nothing new to fabulous, and although we usually catch all top shelf tracks in their infancy we admit the delay on this five-star material. The acclaimed French boutique producer / designer DJ unleashed his 2009 hip-hop inspired collection, In The Mood For Life (Le Plan/Lab’Oratoire). With it came Fireflies, fulfilling a stack of musical elements between beat and pulse, pitch and drop, scratch and lyric, and then some.

      1. Fireflies (feat. Charlotte Savary & Mattic)

But not without the vocal stylings of siren Charlotte Savary and his longtime sidekick, Mattic, does this bash of big beats go all out in urban instrumental fashion. While samples spin, listeners catch a whiff of Madonna’s Frozen under something Kanye meets Gotan Project as Fireflies comes alive vocally and rhythmically uninterrupted. Enjoy a pre-game, unwind post-game or simply cruise out and bob to Monsieur Tailor nothing short of on point.