WAD Marathon : Day 4 – WAD Inhouse Directory


In their Dictionary Issue, Dec, Jan, Feb 08/09, WAD included a concept map of the WAD staff and their relationships to one and other. I have never seen this done by any publication. They have named, titled and comprised the contact of each person of the team including its Publisher, Bruno Collin and Creative Director, Brice Compagnon. I am sure they have already started to receive quite some reach-out from readers.

Like I said earlier, its great see a magazine expose itself this way, and educate its readers on how many roles and positions go into the making of such a publication. In a way this is the WAD recipe broken down into a spread, and though the people behind the names and positions make it what it is, this is still  the visual spider of its infrastructure.

Stay tuned for more of the WAD Marathon as we make our way to Day 5.