Visplay’s Qubo by Santi Zoraidez

For one minute you think you’re looking at a photograph, then suddenly it’s an animation, or a digital illustration in motion.  Argentinian art director Santi Zoraidez spent many years living and working in Berlin and Copenhagen
on some fun projects for brands such as Nike, Lexus and Bulgari to name a few. He’s been creating beautiful and captivating digital images for years now and today, we’d like to introduce you with his latest project for Visplay, Vitra‘s partner brand for shop fitting systems: featuring the simple and elegant Qubo.

His incomparable ability to merge excellent illustration with groundbreaking digital effects leads him to work with companies who want to constantly show they’re at the forefront of creativity:

Directed by Santi Zoraidez
Art Director & Designer: Santi Zoraidez
Animation: Facu Labo
Music & Sound Design: Zelig Sound