Virtual ‘Distillation’ Fragrance Still Life

“Until recently, virtual reality has been something of a fantasy for storytellers and technologists. Today it is a business of investment, constant innovation and a tool to revolutionize our daily lives.

However, developments in scent technology remain truncated by obstacles in ingredient sourcing, antiquated regulations in the cosmetic industry, and a lack of understanding the olfactory experience.”

‘Distillation’ is a project by art director Marinus Oomen and Digital Artist Willem Stapel about the virtual interpretation and visualization of perfumery and is a manifestation of the current exploration of the use of scents in virtual reality.

27, Ambar and Vetyver are three fictitious perfumes which merge technology with our primary senses. The result is a virtual experience which combine the physical and emotional elements of fragrance.

Concept & Art Direction – Marinus Oomen
Digital Image maker – Willem Stapel
Copy – Michael Solomon