Vincent Schoepfer Menswear Dream

The fact that we cannot find young menswear designers like Vincent Schoepfer in the US is a a bit outrageous! I am familiar with him because a friend of mine tipped me onto it 2 years ago and I worked with his PR office. The collection combines the key elements of success ~ affordable prices with great choices of fabrication and beautifully tailored silhouettes! But the problem also with US market is one we have faced forever, buyers are afraid to take any risks…

They afraid of investing in a brand they are not sure it will sell! But come on buyers, there is so many great ‘affordable menswear ‘ like VS that can be found in Europe. That would so great to have more choice than what we have here… Anyways, I would have a store, I would definitely have Vincent Schoepfer in it!

The Summer 2010 Collection:

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