foals video we are us

Video: Foals “My Number”

foals video we are us

The Foals‘ new video My Number is pretty much amazing.

This release comes off their most recent album Holy Fire, which debuted this past February. Playing off the numbers theme worked out all too well in this video. Connect the dots was never my favorite game, but now I am looking at lines, shapes, numbers and movement in a new light. The art direction and attention to detail is truly amazing and I’m pleasantly pleased on the thought and delivery of this video. As the song builds to its climax we are drawn deeper into the diminishing vanishing points of this storyline. In my opinion, this song is probably one of the highlights on the album. There was a looming skepticism amongst many after Inhaler was debuted, buzzing rumors (and truths) of a tonal shift with this album. However, My Number proves they’ve still got the calculated indie dance beats we all know and love.


Directors – Us
Producer – Medb Riordan
Production Company – Academy Films / A+
Motion Capture – The Imaginarium
Chief Technical Officer – Rich Holleworth
Development Producer – Tora Young
Editor – Ed Cheesman
Post VFX – Electric Theatre Collective
Lead 3D Artist – James Sindle
Post VFX Producer – Helen Sutermeister
3D Artists: Dan Marum, Alexis Vallauri, Paul-Jules Alchie, Andy Le Cocq, Thomas Lemoine, Franck Pagnon
Prop Master – Jonny Sabbagh