Veronica Falls: Starry Eyes and Come On Over

Listen to “Starry Eyes” here

      1. Starry Eyes


To make a cover your own is an accomplishment of its own. To reincarnate is a whole ‘nother cup of tea. London-based Veronica Falls revived Rory Erickson’s punk song, “Starry Eyes” into a shiny, new and improved version complete with a lighthearted and love bitten twist.

There have been high hopes for the surprisingly gothic band–consisting of Roxanne Clifford (vocals, guitar), James Hoare (guitar), Marion Herbain (bass) and Patrick Doyle (drums)–ever since their first single, “Found Love In A Graveyard.” They made a song about “the dearly departed” and yet, somehow, strangely inspired feelings of high spirits. It’s now clear that the foursome has a knack for optimistic tunes seeing as their soon-to-be released single, “Come On Over” (September 2011) is as brisk as a bee. Enjoy the both of them.

Listen to “Come On Over” here

      2. Veronica Falls_Come On Over