Victorian Townhouse Apartment Renovated by 2LG Studio

Located in an old Victorian townhouse, the Upper Brockley Road apartment is a balance of opulence and raw materials. Designed by 2LG Studio with the latest trends in mind, the interiors feature a variety of colors – from powder pink to hazy blue and stark navy. The flow was maintained thanks to connecting white spaces, reflecting the natural light. Different surfaces give an eclectic feel to the apartment.

Velvet armchairs, brass tables and a marble fireplace were juxtaposed against rustic wooden floors and original wallpapers used in the bedroom or in the hall. Some of the pieces were curated for the project, some were rare vintage finds that added authenticity to the interiors.

“We particularly loved designing custom joinery for several of the spaces giving our client a truly unique home. There is a flow throughout the property, with a touch of drama in each space.”