Unelefante Chocolates Pollock

Unelefante Chocolates

UNELEFANTE is an online gift shop from Mexico that sells artful novelty items we would love to receive. Its founder, jewelry designer Tatiana Sanchez says, “We’re in the business of surprising people and making them smile.” Working with Mexican chocolatier Jorge Llanderal, she designed a series of chocolates like the “Pollock,” a 55% cocoa bar hand painted with lashings of pink, blue, white and orange cocoa butter, in the style of American painter Jackson Pollock.


Sanchez  also collaborated on four bark bars with mezcal maker Carlos Leal of Mezcal Sabios de Lua: Coco Bengala (curry, crystallized ginger and coconut), Fray Mole (mole paste, chiles, sesame and pumpkin seeds and sea salt), Oblea Di Oblea Da (dulce de leche and colored wafers) and Palanqueta (peanuts and brown sugar piloncillo). As far as serving suggestions, Ms. Sanchez recommends pairing a smoky flavored shot with one of the more spiced barks. “One that goes very well with Mezcal is the Fray Mole,” she says.

Unelefante Chocolates Unelefante Chocolates Unelefante Chocolates