An Unconventional Angle On Luxury [Copenhagen]

Formerly used as a coal crane, The Krane in Copenhagen is now an immersive, multi-sensory experience offering a wide variety of options as a retreat and meeting room. Inside is exclusive Danish design in black paying homage to its past as a coal crane. Surrounded by the old industrial harbor of Nordhavn it has the sea, sky, harbor and panoramic views over Copenhagen.

Renowned Copenhagen-based multidisciplinary design studio Norm Architects have curated the unique space by selecting pieces from Menu, a Danish interior brand, collections for the new and exclusive yet inclusive hotel. By curating the perfect materials and carefully calibrating how the light reflects the surfaces and how that impacts the way people perceive their surroundings, the private retreat is an aesthetic oasis amidst an industrial landscape. Spearheaded by visionary owner Klaus Kastbjerg and architect Mads Møller from Arcgency, the concept builds on its dark past as a crane for loading coal by using black as the colour scheme throughout. It reflects Denmark’s less-is-more stance on luxury, where anything extraneous is eliminated favouring only what’s essential. Inside, the subdued black interior sets the scene like a picture frame for the unobstructed views over Copenhagen and beyond.

The Krane involves a 360-degree inside-outside approach and is clearly a holistic concept. Every moment of your experience at The Krane has been mapped out to the millimetre. From a designated car with a concierge who meets you at the airport, acclimates you to the amenities and brings you breakfast every morning. To the interior design conceived by Møller to be soothing and inviting. To the curated, high-end furniture and the discrete construction of functionalities cleverly concealed for you to discover. Ascending the drawbridge-like staircase, moving through the steel structure gives you a feeling of leaving the ground. Arriving on the highest terrace, you feel on top of the world, looking out to the edge of the horizon.

An unconventional angle on luxury that’s upscale yet down to earth. Raw yet refined. With enviable views of light and the water outside as the centrepiece inside. A refreshing take on escape in the form of a private getaway, where you are the only guests.

Photos by Rasmus Hjortshøj