Twin Shadow : Castles In The Snow

George Lewis Jr., who records under the moniker Twin Shadow, is gearing up to release his debut album, Forget, this fall on Terrible Records, the label founded by Grizzly Bear‘s Chris Taylor (who also produced the record).

The lead off track “Castles in the Snow”  is a catchy new wave jam that has some of the best production I have heard in a long while. Synths, guitars and drum machines build a landscape for Lewis’s smooth vocals to sing such a haunting chorus as “Your my favorite daydream/I’m your famous nightmare/Everything I see looks like gold/Everything I touch goes cold/Castles in the Snow”.

Although Lewis shines on “Castles in the Snow”, I can’t stress enough how the genius behind the track is Taylor’s production. Where most songs start with a verse, this track leads in with the chorus and then drops into a stripped out verse… which is so, so satisfying!!! To top it off, they leave the track at 2:48, giving you no other option but to play it over and over again.

Listen to “Castles in the Snow” here

      1. Castles In The Snow
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